86-Year-Old Sniper Veteran Still Has Deadly Accuracy [VIDEO]


The longest recorded sniper kill was shot from a distance of 2,706 yards by Corporal Craig Harrison in November 2009, but this feat was accomplished by an active soldier with modern technology on his side. Meanwhile, when 86-year-old veteran Ted Gundy served as a sniper during WWII, records were not even being kept yet in order to determine how far of a range these expert marksman had.

Gundy saw action during WWII at the Battle of the Bulge and many other campaigns, so it is no wonder that he was recently honored by the United States Army Markmanship Unit with the Black Hat, which is one of the group’s highest honors. Grundy was also awarded a replica of the rifle that was by his side during the war: a Springfield 1903 A4.

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So what happened when Gundy decided to test out his new acquisition? First, the veteran proved that he still had accuracy by making a perfect 300 yard shot. However, Gundy knew he had much more in him, so he accepted the challenge of hitting a target from 1,000 yards.

With deadly accuracy, Gundy made several perfect shots in a row. This not only proves that the veteran marksman has retained perfect aim since WWII, but it is also an important reminder to never assume that someone does not know how to properly use a gun against you. Check out Gundy’s impressive shooting in the video below, and make sure that you practice your firearm skills frequently so that you can protect your family.

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