Vince Vaughn is a Full-Throttle 2nd Amendment Supporter

Even if you weren’t a huge fan of cult classics like Swingers, Old School, or Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn may still be one of your favorite Hollywood movie stars. You just didn’t know it. In a recent interview with British GQ Magazine, Vince Vaughn shared some very bold opinions on a number of issues close to our patriotic hearts. Turns out that Mr. Vaughn shares many opinions with America’s founding fathers and thus The Patriot Caller as well. You might even say that Vaughn is a bit of a Libertarian firebrand. On the Second Amendment: “I support people having a gun […]

Top 7 Pocket Knives for Wilderness Survival

A rock solid, razor sharp pocketknife is something that goes beyond simple survival kits. It’s a daily tool that goes with you everywhere and has your back throughout an endless barrage of unpredictable tasks. After all, a good pocketknife can serve a long list of functions ranging from cutting a rope to preparing a meal. Not to mention, one of the most important reasons to keep a sharp knife in your pocket at all times is for reasons of self-defense. You never know when you might have to defend yourself against an attacker or extricate yourself or a loved one […]

5 Best Tech Gadgets to Have When You’re Roughing It

Whether you are camping, hiking or dealing with a natural disaster, there are many scenarios during which survivalists will find themselves roughing it. Obviously you will want to have basic survival gear such as a tent, hiking backpack, utility knife and flashlight on hand, but what about technology that can help you while you are roughing it? There are many options that probably come to mind, but only some of them will be truly beneficial when you are far away from the rest of society. To help you determine what deserves a spot in your bug out bag, we have […]

Texting Man Steps on Snake, Gets Bitten [VIDEO]

You can file this one under: Sign of the Times. Since the dawn of the smartphone era, we’ve watched dozens of hilarious videos that feature pedestrians walking head-first into streetlights, stop signs, and even brick walls. But we’ve never seen anything quite as ridiculous as the following video… In it, an Oklahoma roller rink DJ got quite a shock as he walked across the parking lot to clock in, deeply engrossed in his smartphone. Security cameras capture the DJ as he arrives at front doors of the roller rink. Also in the frame, a mysterious serpentine object that turned out to be (drumroll […]

How to Build a Hidden Wall Safe for $3 [PICS]

When it comes to storing valuables, the trusty old reinforced metal safe is the obvious choice — obvious to you and obvious to burglars. If you’ve ever watch one of the many “safe-cracking” videos on YouTube, then you know just how difficult opening a safe ISN’T for a career criminal with the right tools. That’s not to say that your safe is useless. However, it’s important to rein in our sense of security every once in a while, in order to keep us on our toes. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to combine security and deception in order […]

10 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Actually Enjoy [PICS]

  Father’s Day is the third Sunday of every June, which means it falls on June 21 this year… Don’t Forget! Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, which is why they typically get a bunch of boring subpar crap, like ties and matching socks. Don’t do boring this year. Celebrate his lifestyle by getting him something he can really put to good use. The following list contains ideas for the type of father who enjoys DIY projects and being in the great outdoors, along with taking care of his personal needs.