10 Places to Avoid At All Costs When the Grid Goes Down

The amount of thought most survivalists put into where to go to escape a SHTF grid collapse is nothing short of impressive. Remote cabins, bunkers, ranches, wilderness areas with survival supplies buried in crates… it’s safe to say that “bug-out” planning is a popular topic. But there’s another, perhaps even more important, topic that gets a lot less attention: Where NOT to go during a major emergency. These places are magnets for gridlock, mobs or desperate people, and police state action. Even if you feel the need to retrieve something from one to of these places, you’d do better to simply […]

15 Reasons Every Prepper Needs to Stock Up on Safety Pins

If you are like most preppers, you have spent an extensive amount of time determining which items deserve your limited bugout bag space. The real essential items and the hyper-multipurpose items especially. You may have already assembled a few bug-out bags and survival stashes. Well, this may cause you to review your checklists… Because unless you have a stockpile of safety pins on hand, you might find yourself struggling in a number ways when it really counts. Aside from some of the obvious practical uses for a safety pin, there are a surprisingly large number of other reasons to add […]

The 30 Cents a Day Space Heater [VIDEO]

Every so often, we come across an amazingly innovative, money-saving design that we just have to share. This DIY room heater is one of them. Resourceful contraptions like the one we’re going to show you how to build in this article could benefit you in an emergency power outage, sure But it could also keep you warm today… while you’re sitting at your computer. RELATED: 11 Ways to Stay Warmer This Winter Without Raising Your Heating Bill Maybe you work in a poorly insulated room, like a garage or attic conversion, and you just want a way to keep your […]

10 Edible (and Free!) Springtime Wild Plants

As springtime rolls around, you will soon begin to see a large and diverse list of plants and flowers growing wildly in many places. This opens up many fantastic opportunities for preppers and homesteaders who wish to save money by getting as much as possible for free. It is dangerous to randomly pick plants and flowers without researching whether or not they are actually edible. Fortunately, the following list of 10 examples can be consumed by almost everyone without any complications. As an added bonus, they all offer some type of medicinal or health benefit! Please make sure to try […]

Are You Evacuation Ready?

For residents in the heartland and the Southeast, there’s no more dangerous time of year than storm season. From Texas to Michigan, this tornado season has proven to be one for the record books. And with the hurricane season expected to produce a heightened level of named storms, it’s absolutely critical that you review your emergency evacuation plans… And if you don’t have any — make them. You can’t afford to put this off. If you and your loved ones are “evacuation ready” — i.e. ready to evacuate and move to a safe zone at a moment’s notice — then […]

The Oddest Things That Need to Be in Your Bug Out Bag

Your bug out bag has been assembled, and it contains all of the basics: non-perishable food, a gun, bullets, a first aid kit, etc. You’re all set, right? Wrong! Basic supplies are a great starting point, but there is much more to consider. For example, your bag should have some safety pins attached to it because they can be used in a wide variety of situations. Additionally, it is important to consider allocating some of your precious bug out bag space to some unusual items that could really come in handy after the SHTF. RELATED: Top 50 Items to Stockpile […]

The Four Venomous Snakes in North America [INFOGRAPHIC]

The mere sight of a snake can send shivers down the spine of the ordinary man or woman. Due to lack of education or understanding, people often hold an irrational fear of snakes. The truth is, unless you provoke them, snakes are shy and prefer to keep themselves out of bother. That said, in North America, there are over 8000 snake bites every year. This is why the guys at Sniff Outdoors have produced an infographic on how to identify the four types of venomous snakes, how best to prevent a snake bite and what to do if you are […]

10 Ways to Discreetly Store Firearms and More!

You have a nice cache of weapons and you have gathered some other essential prepper supplies. Now how can you protect them and safely store them at the same time? It is a good idea to invest in some secret stash options that will enable you to keep your weapons and other essentials close by without having them out in the open. Not only will this make them less likely to be stolen, accidentally fired or used against you during a break-in but it will also give you the important element of surprise if a burglar enters your home. 1. […]

10 Incredible Snake Videos You Can Never “Un-See”

What is it about shocking snake videos? For some reason, we just can’t get enough of them. The more unbelievable, terrifying, or flat out disgusting, the more these videos seem to draw us in. In some strange way, these videos appeal to our sense of survival. Maybe it’s the need to test ourselves in a way… Maybe we need to know just how we might react if we were to actually come face to face with a massive anaconda? Where can you find the world’s largest cottonmouth? Or what kind of snake is big, bright blue and eats full-grown rattlesnakes for breakfast!? […]

11 Weird (but Useful) Campfire Building Techniques

Everybody needs to know several methods for building a campfire effectively in challenging situations (without gas or matches). You probably wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t feel that fire building is an essential skill, not just for surviving in the backcountry, but simply in the boy scout  sense of having mastery over an essential skill here on planet earth. During a emergency situation, whether in the backcountry or even in suburbia, this could be the only way to cook and generate light and heat until the crisis is over. Most of us know 1 or 2 fire building […]