Top 5 “Trade Secret” Gun Cleaning Tricks You Need to Know!

  Proper gun maintenance can make the difference between living and dying when the chips are down in a crisis situation. There are literally hundreds of products out there dedicated to making your gun cleaning task quicker, easier, or more thorough. Fact is, they are mostly just smoke and mirrors. RELATED: Top 5 Shooting Mistakes Killing Your Accuracy Over the years, soldiers, gunsmiths, and pro shooters have accumulated a list of trade secrets that blow away the best cleaning products on the market. Most of the best “tricks of the trade” rely on items you already own. They’re basically free. 1. […]

Can You Spot the Hidden Snipers? [GALLERY]

Photo credit: Simon Menner Can you find the sniper hiding out in the photo above? Many of us, particularly survivalists, hunters, veterans and even former snipers, like to believe they have a knack for knowing what a trained sniper might be thinking as he selects a shooting location. Well, here is your chance to prove that you can think like a sniper… It’s the TPC Sniper Challenge!!  Brought to you by the new MCG Ranger Spotting Scope! Each slide in this gallery includes a photo with a well-camouflaged sniper with a well-camoflauged weapon, just like the one above. As soon as you […]