Top 5 “Trade Secret” Gun Cleaning Tricks You Need to Know!

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Proper gun maintenance can make the difference between living and dying when the chips are down in a crisis situation.

There are literally hundreds of products out there dedicated to making your gun cleaning task quicker, easier, or more thorough.

Fact is, they are mostly just smoke and mirrors.

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Over the years, soldiers, gunsmiths, and pro shooters have accumulated a list of trade secrets that blow away the best cleaning products on the market. Most of the best “tricks of the trade” rely on items you already own. They’re basically free.

1. Use a Penny to Remove Rust

It will take a few hours to remove rust from the barrel of a shotgun, but the work that you put in now will be worth it in the long run.

To get started, gather a 3 in 1 oil, a soft brush, paper towels and a penny that is dated before 1982.

Put a little bit of oil on the gun, grab your penny and start rubbing the barrel.

After you rub the oil off of the barrel, you will see that the rust is coming off with it!

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2. Baby Wipes Remove Oil Buildup

Do you have a lot of oil buildup that is impacting the performance of your handgun?

This happens with all guns, of course, but it tends to happen faster with older weapons like your favorite 1911. The amount of gunk and the speed at which it builds is impressive.

It can get mighty messy in a hurry and there’s really no need to use up all of your best cleaning rags.

Simply take the gun apart and use baby wipes to clean everything!

This is a quick and easy method of basic gun maintenance.

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