23 Most Ridiculously Amazing Deer Blinds Ever

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If you think your hunting blind is legit, then you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. From portable wonders to sky high tree stands, these things should be on display in a frickin’ museum.

While some hunters might feel fine with pulling out their wallets, not everyone is satisfied with buying things and rather build stuff themselves. Amazingly enough, most of these blinds were made with scratch material and a little redneck creativity.

Who else could think of using a car, porta potty, or old trailer as a hunting blind? Only the most scrappiest people on this planet.

Some of these things are like miniature houses, big enough to hold a stove, fridge, and comfy furniture. While others mimic nature so well that you would think you were in a hollowed out tree or rock.

There are also companies out there who make impressive hunting blinds with crazy designs and a big price tag well worth the squeeze if you want to hunt like a king. Made of the best material, these blinds are lightweight, soundproof, sent proof, and camouflaged like a pro.

Either way, it’s incredible there’s still wildlife roaming the land with hunters using these types of blinds.

Listen, whether you’re looking to buy or create your own hunting blind, the crazy brain power it took these people to create such amazingly awesome blinds will inspire you to upgrade your blind today.

Enjoy and don’t get jealous!

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