5 Biggest Mistakes Most Shooters Make

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pistolcorrections1. Trigger Timing

Instructors have different ways of describing how to pull the trigger. Typically, it’s a variation of the old “squeeze with your whole hand until the gun fires.” Then they add this little trope, “it should almost surprise you.”

For new shooters especially, this advice may seem incomprehensible, terrifying, and even mildly irresponsible. After all, if you’re going to send a lethal projectile through the air, shouldn’t you be in complete control?

That’s probably why nearly every shooter begins with a very jerky trigger pull. It feels like you have more control this way. Funny thing is, you don’t. And the bullet holes on your target will tell you so.

Inexperienced shooters will typically try to keep their sights hovering over the target field, then pull suddenly when their crosshairs pass over the bullseye. They try to time their shots perfectly. It’s a natural part of most physical activities.

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The problem is that when you jerk the trigger, no matter how perfectly on the bullseye you are, the movement of your finger jerking will inevitably pull you off target.

That’s why the best trigger pull is slow and deliberate as you focus on keeping the sights as steady on the target as possible.

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