7 Controversial Survival Secrets Learned From The Ukraine Civil War

7seceretsFortunately, most Americans have never had to endure a war on our home front. However, there’s a level of ignorance, and even a bit of hubris, that comes along with never having experienced the horror and powerlessness of a war raging in your own backyard…

It’s a humbling experience, to say the least, to come face to face with a set of dire circumstances that you are simply powerless to change. To take a note from the following reports from inside the Ukraine war zone — war will take your best-laid plans and rip them to shreds.

To help us confront the likelihood that our SHTF “master plans” are largely built upon a foundation of overconfidence, lets take a look at the real world experiences of several posters who’ve shared their first hand experiences on a Russian gun enthusiast forum.

These folks don’t sugar coat the situation for you. Several of the truths they’ve shared may very well contradict your ideas about surviving a crisis, to boot.

Translations courtesy of the Modern Survivalist:

1.) Decide if you will stay or evacuate

“First decision you have to make is to evacuate or to stay. If you are evacuating, you need to do that as soon as armed groups of people appears. It does not matter if they armed with shotguns or pitchforks. If the government is not capable of stopping them, that’s the end. If you react early enough, you still can sell your house and some of your belongings. The later you go, the less things you will be able to sell, and the less things you will be able to take with you. The earlier you go, the easier it will be to settle on a new place.”

2.) Have money in a stable currency.

“Probably the best prepping for situations like that is having some money in some stable currency. You can buy what you need (especially in big cities) or you can use those money to settle in the new place”

3.) Avoid Camo or any military style clothing.

“If you have anything on you that even remotely looks like military you will draw unwanted attention with unpredictable results. For civilians it is better to have jackets from Gas or another utility company uniform – they seem to treat you better on the roadblocks and you are not drawing attention.”

4.) Bug-out bags are really, really useful.

“I lived in suburb called Metallist. At first we started to hear gunfire, that tanks and armored vehicles started to come into the neighborhood, first shelling came. For some reason we were still sitting there, nobody wanted to leave the house. And last 3 days we could not anyway. Finally 2 heavily armed guys showed up at my house and said they are going to use the attic, and it would be safer if we move. they gave us 10 minutes to leave the house, and this is were my bug out bags became useful.”

5.) Backroads are not going to be free and clear.

“Don’t think you can get away using back roads – usually there are patrols on most of them and on nearby altitudes and any movement there could be treated as enemies Sabotage-reconnaissance group. And now there are mines everywhere. The safest way out for the family is through the main road and road blocks. A lot trouble comes if you have older relatives – they don’t want to go even to a close relatives, but only until shelling did not become constant. When the walls start trembling, they what to go anywhere, but by that time it is impossible.”

6.) A big 4×4 bug-out vehicle makes you a target. 

“What’s better – city car or 4 wheel drive… The thing is, even outside of ATO zone you go only through roadblocks. Of course, if you have a 4WD, you can try to ride through fields or forest roads. But, first of all, if any military sees you that would try to stop you or just will start shooting, either side, because there are a lot of Sabotage-reconnaissance groups. And second – the are mines. And there are a lot of them, and they set by both sides without any maps, so that their own troops get blown up.”

7.) Big cities are often safer than suburbs.

“People asked where to live better – suburb, city or village. I think the best is a house close to the middle of the city. All the suburb had combat, in the remote villages were no laws, but in the middle of the city there is always some sort of government.”

** These tips were originally posted on this Russian forum and were translated by Sygata.

Do You Believe These Tips Will Apply To An American Crisis? Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Section Below!


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  1. I do not have a credit card what do I do to get this survivel secrets

  2. The Patriot Caller

    Hi Jimmy, scroll down through the article to see secrets 1-7.

  3. what is the evidence living in the heart of a city is comparatively safer ?

  4. The Patriot Caller

    I wouldn’t necessarily classify any of these anecdotes as “evidence,” but for me at least it’s enlightening to hear a real-world perspective

  5. I think most of these tips are relevant to the U.S. However, in our urban areas there may be roving bands of looters and thugs. I recently bought a used Subaru Outback. It is an ordinary street vehicle, a station wagon if you will, with 4 wheel drive. Good ground clearance and it is rather unremarkable looking. Definitely not a bug out looking vehicle. I keep my bug out bag handy as does my son and granddaughter. We are as ready as we can be.

  6. This man (Selco) is a true survival expert. Most all of the people writing about survival are not experts.
    This man lived through a year of hell. Anyone who has read his story realizes that this man has been
    there and back.

  7. Good info. Pay attention people. THIS is stuff you can expect if “They” get off what “They” are trying to. Either by fomenting a full-blown Racial Civil War, or the Tactic du Jour which seems to be all of a sudden giving a $@#T whether or not Congress “declares War” on ISS so “They” can cause a False Flag and make the ENTIRE US a “War Zone”. Shortly after THAT “They” will trot out the 2015 War Powers Act, which, you can Bet Your A$$, is already WRITTEN and WAITING. Also, there is some GREAT intelligence from the info given by that Argentinian who wrote awhile back what happened when the Currency there collapsed. Don’t remember his name but you can find it online easy enough. Alot of times, Real-World scenarios are totally OPPOSITE of what we are expecting.

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