DIY Hillbilly Water Bottle Filter [STEP-BY-STEP]

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Filtered, NOT Purified

Before your water is ready to drink, it’s very important that you treat it with iodine tablets, or by boiling it over a fire. There are several other methods you can use if you must, such as treating your water with chlorine bleach or pool shock.

In fact, it’s not a bad idea to keep a small container of pool shock on hand in case of a water emergency. Obviously, you don’t want to drink these chemical on a regular basis, but the right mix will keep dangerous bacteria out of your water.

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This step ensures that any of the living organisms living in your water are thoroughly dead and inert. Once you’ve boiled your water, enjoy a cool drink.

What do you think? Would You trust this “hillbilly” filter in a pinch?

Do you have a water filter in your bug-out bag?


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  1. C.E. Rip Van Noy

    Great article fellas. One little tip from an 80 year old survivalist. Make sure that after every few filters that you pour a cup of boiling water through the filter system. it takes of any little survivors that might be lingering around thinking they escaped the process. Keep up the good tips.


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