DIY Hillbilly Water Bottle Filter [STEP-BY-STEP]

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A good survival filtration system is a must-have for any survival stockpile or bug-out bag. The reason is simple: Potable water is second only to air in terms of survival, and yet it’s difficult to store in large quantities and even more difficult to transport.

In a bug-out situation, it’s probably not going to be practical to pull a 500-gallon water trailer behind the family sedan. Even if you have a pickup, chances are you only have room for a 55-gallon barrel or two — that’s over 918 lbs of water, not counting the weight of the barrels!

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No matter how you slice it, a filter is the ultimate backup plan. Whether it’s a personal filter like a LifeStraw, or a larger Berkey system, it’s much easier to store and/or carry a water filtration device than the water itself.

A filter will allow you to be flexible about which sources you can tap into, such as rainwater, tainted municipal water, pond water, etc…

But what if you lose your filtration system? Or, equally as likely, what if it breaks?

That’s when it pays dividends to know how to properly filter water the old-fashioned way.

A Quick Word of Caution                        [Click Here to Watch the Video Tutorial]

bottlefilterDrinking water from an unknown source is never the preferred option. Even rainwater collected from your own roof and stored in USDA-approved containers may house harmful micro-organisms.

Never trust a water source. Unless it’s factory sealed, it’s always better to filter it, just to be on the safe side.


–       1 T-shirt or bandana
–       1 Plastic bottle (a plastic Gatorade bottle, water bottle, or even a 5-soda bottle)
–       Knife
–       Small pebbles
–       Coarse sand
–       Fine sand
–       Charcoal
–       Dirty water
–       Wire, paracord, or a rubberband

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  1. C.E. Rip Van Noy

    Great article fellas. One little tip from an 80 year old survivalist. Make sure that after every few filters that you pour a cup of boiling water through the filter system. it takes of any little survivors that might be lingering around thinking they escaped the process. Keep up the good tips.


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