DIY Hillbilly Water Bottle Filter [STEP-BY-STEP]

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Your DIY Filtration System

First things first, planning and patience are absolutely necessary when it comes to safely filtering water. It takes time to filter water with or without the convenience of modern filters. Start the process well before you’re in dire need.

1. With that said, the first step to filtering water is to allow it to sit for a few minutes, allowing any solids, plants, or moss to float to the top so you can skim them off. That certainly helps make it look more appealing.

2. The second step requires a plastic bottle of your choosing (I prefer a Gatorade bottle) and your knife. Carefully cut the bottom off of the bottle and set it aside, as you may want to use it later to re-seal the bottle.

3. Next, cut a piece of cloth (about half the size of a bandana) and shove it down through the bottom of the bottle, stuffing it into the bottleneck with the tip of your knife.

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  1. C.E. Rip Van Noy

    Great article fellas. One little tip from an 80 year old survivalist. Make sure that after every few filters that you pour a cup of boiling water through the filter system. it takes of any little survivors that might be lingering around thinking they escaped the process. Keep up the good tips.


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