How to Tell if Someone is Lying (and Why it Matters MOST in the Apocalypse)

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Desperate times make desperate people more desperate. And even those who would regularly be true to their word may feel like they have no choice but to deceive others in order to survive.

But you don’t need to be in a SHTF scenario to find yourself surrounded by people who will use deception to conceal their nefarious intentions.
And while mother nature didn’t include a growing pinocchio nose to signal that a lie is taking place, human body language does include many signs that a person is hiding something, or trying to at least.

In fact, these signals are as easy to spot as they are difficult to conceal. You just need to know what to look for.

This is problematic in the modern world because lies can be utilized for everything from leap frogging over others for a promotion to cheating on a spouse. The betrayal that we feel when we know someone we trusted has lied to us is enormous, but imagine how much worse it could be after the SHTF.

Instead of missing out on a new job or learning that your spouse has been unfaithful, a lie in the apocalypse could cause you to lose your shelter, your food and maybe even your life. Fans of “The Walking Dead” discovered exactly how dangerous liars can be when Rick and most of the other survivors found themselves in danger of being killed and eaten by duplicitous cannibals. Hopefully, you’ll never end up in a position as dire as that, but learning how to tell when someone is lying is a critical skill for survival during any emergency situation.

The following list will help you hone your skills now so that you can avoid becoming someone’s dinner or hostage during the apocalypse.

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