What Happens When You Shoot Guns Under Water [VIDEO GALLERY]

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When it comes to real world firearms testing, sometimes it’s the oddball “what-ifs” that captivate our attention, rather than the boring old ballistics tests that are more likely to be relevant in a self-defense scenarios.

With that said, it’s time that we tackle one of the burning questions that has perplexed thousands of us for years, especially those of us with a penchant for action movies:

What happens when I shoot my (fill-in-the-blank gun) under water?

Ok, so that’s probably not the most critical self-defense question, unless you need to defend yourself against a school of hungry piranhas or rampaging sea beasts…

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ak47underwaterNevertheless, inquiring minds need to know the answers to these very important questions:

  • What happens when I shoot my .223 AR-15 at the bottom of a swimming pool? (ANSWER)
  • What’s my .357 Magnum’s effective range under water? (ANSWER)
  • Will my AK-47 effectively stop a rampaging great white shark trying to eat my boat? (ANSWER)
  • Is a 50 caliber sniper rifle an effective weapon for shark fishing? (ANSWER)

For answers to these burning question and more, click through the following video gallery>>

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