What Happens When You Shoot Guns Under Water [VIDEO GALLERY]

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Self-Defense in the Event of a Shark Attack

Let’s begin with perhaps the most “practical” questions regarding shooting firearms at underwater targets. Let’s say that you’re in a life raft and a massive Jaws-like shark takes an interest in you as a source of protein.

What type of handgun ammo is best in this scenario? Does ammunition make a significant difference in this situation?

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In the video below, RatedRR tests and rates several popular types of ammunition based on their effectiveness in a shark attack.


Based on these tests, there’s really no type of handgun ammunition that will effectively stop a shark when fired under water.

This brings us to another very important self-defense question. How effective is a rifle round fired from above the surface of the water at an underwater target? For the answer, watch the video below!

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