Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

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Ruger Hawkeye Varmint Target Rifle


With a laminated stock, this “Varmint Target” rifle just looks like a piece of precision equipment, capable of sharpshooting excellence, which it is.

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If you’re already a fan of the Strum and Ruger rifle catalog, you’ll recognize the familiar integral scope mounts, which are basically just indentions machined into the top of the receiver. There’s nothing new about the scope mounts, but this is still a feature worth pointing out.

The heavy contour barrel has ben cold hammer-forged and, most importantly, features “ultra-precise” rifling that delivers better accuracy and easier cleaning. The Hawkeye Varmint Target also features Ruger’s 2-stage trigger, consisting of a “take up” stage, followed by a crisp tension stage.

Chambered in .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor, this is a finely tuned piece of target drilling machinery. However, it doesn’t quite have all the bells and whistles offered by the Remington 700 VTR,

RETAIL: $909 

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