Meet the US Army’s Next Official Sidearm: Sig Sauer P320

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P320: Next Gen Modular Design

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Interestingly enough, the P320 was Sig’s first ever striker-fired polymer handgun. So, as we said, the P320 was literally designed to be a Glock killer. Incredibly, Sig beat out the big dog with its very first attempt.

Here’s the thing, if you held the Sig in your hand you probably say it’s roughly equivalent to the Glock. It’s extremely dependable, durable, accurate, and all that other good stuff. So is the XD, the Beretta APX, the CZ, etc…

We believe there’s one simple reason that the P320 took the top honors in the MHS contract: That “M” stands for Modular.

The P320 is far and away the most modular handgun in the bunch. It may be the most conveniently modular pistol on the market. Users can literally swap out almost all of the P320’s components by hand, without a single tool

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