Why You Really Should Lock Your Doors [VIDEO]

Burglars like the one in the photo to the right are a rarity these days, nearly extinct. Learn why today’s burglars work very differently… If anyone calls you paranoid for keeping your doors locked at all hours of the day, send them a link to this post. It’s definitely an eye-opening look at how today’s criminals select their targets. Even better, send them to the video on page 2. This will clear up a lot of confusion about how most property crime truly takes place… and what “paranoid” behaviors are actually spot on. RELATED: Top 5 Shotguns for Home Defense [Under $300] […]

9 Ways to Harden Your Home Against Looters and Thieves

Since the “Ferguson” riots spread across the country like wildfire, Americans across the country have woken up to the reality that violent, destructive protests can descend on their town suddenly. In anticipation, we’ve received a bunch of questions about what kind of unforeseen impacts these protests and riots may have on nearby communities. In specific, lots of self-reliance aficionados have correctly realized that while the police are busy keeping an eye on protesters, they won’t be able to respond to property crimes, e.g. looting. On a small scale, the riots we’ve observed over the past several years are windows into what […]

Top 5 Shotguns for Home Defense (Under $350)

In most movies with climactic home defense scenes, the hero usually carries a semi-auto pistol or a Dirty Harry style .44 Mag revolver. There are two reasons for this: 1.) Hollywood movie producers know next to nothing about guns. 2.) These shootout scenes wouldn’t last nearly as long if the hero was armed with a pump shotgun. To drag a shootout scene out for maximum cinematic effect, many shots must be fired… and the vast majority of them need to be misses. If you know much about firearms, you can probably guess where we’re headed… Why the 12-Gauge Pump is […]