Top 7 EDC Items That Are Mandatory for 2019

Look, we all want to be like the hero in an action movie. You know the one. He has exactly the right tools at exactly the right moment and manages to get out of all sorts of wild predicaments using his made-in-Hollywood arsenal. Of course we know that this is a farce. RELATED: 10 Hollywood Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed Even a Special Forces soldier in full combat gear couldn’t carry all the equipment that the Hollywood hero manages to carry in his t-shirt and jean jacket. And we’re by no means advocates for wearing a tactical vest packed full […]

5 Ways to Clean Yourself without Water

If you’re into self-sufficiency and survival, you probably enjoy getting your hands dirty from time to time, but this can become a serious problem during a SHTF situation. After all, bacteria and other potentially serious contaminants can quickly add up without access to water. Most of us are unaware of what life is like without access to adequate water for sanitation. The sheer number of infections, diseases, and general discomforts that thrive in conditions like these can make human life much more difficult and unsafe. RELATED: How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer With Rubbing Alcohol Fortunately, if you ever find […]

Our Picks for the Top 5 Bug Out Bags

The purpose of a “bug-out bag” (AKA “72-hour bags” or “go bags”) as you’ve probably guessed, is to allow you to evacuate, or “bug-out,” at a moment’s notice… no packing required. In theory, if it’s not in your bag when a crisis strikes… you’ll have to go without it for at least a while. Building a truly personalized “bug-out bag” requires gathering a long list of supplies, ranging from basic medication to a flashlight. However, before you can begin putting supplies away, you need to locate a durable bug out bag that has a lot of room and will fit comfortably […]

Top 7 Pocket Knives for Wilderness Survival

A rock solid, razor sharp pocketknife is something that goes beyond simple survival kits. It’s a daily tool that goes with you everywhere and has your back throughout an endless barrage of unpredictable tasks. After all, a good pocketknife can serve a long list of functions ranging from cutting a rope to preparing a meal. Not to mention, one of the most important reasons to keep a sharp knife in your pocket at all times is for reasons of self-defense. You never know when you might have to defend yourself against an attacker or extricate yourself or a loved one […]