This is What 5,000 Pounds of Rattlesnakes Looks Like [VIDEO]

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If you’ve ever wondered what 5,000lbs of rattlesnakes looks like… you might consider heading to the world’s largest rattlesnake round up in Sweetwater, TX.

These wester diamondback rattlers are harvested on local farms and ranches by snake hunters, both professional (yes, professional snake hunting is a real thing) and amateur, and then thrown into a massive pit. What could be more fun than that?

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As you might expect, the footage of these massive venomous nightmare haunting reptiles speaks for itself. To listen to Riley Sawyers tell it, the roundup’s PR official, the event spans beyond staring into a pit of snakes. You can also watch the snakes be weighed, sexed, and then decapitated. Now that’s our kind of “family fun.”

Of course, there event also hosts a flea market, gun and knife show, as well a cook-off!

What about you? Are you booking a flight to this year’s roundup?

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