Top 3 B.O.B. Guns

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backpackRecently, I had a friend ask me, “what’s the best gun for my bug-out bag?”

It’s a question that I’ve answered more than a few of times over the years, but my answer has always been the same.

I answer with another question: Do you consider yourself a firearms enthusiast?

Now, I don’t ask this to be condescending. I’m always happy to talk about firearms until I’m blue in the face… but the answer to this question helps me give a much more helpful answer.

The reason is that I need to determine the person’s level of familiarity with firearms in general. Does this person shoot often? Are they a collector? Have they ever handled a weapon in their lives?

This information helps me determine wether or not this person would truly benefit from owning a “niche” weapon, or if they’d be better off with a good all-around weapon.

Because, in all reality, a gun that’s sole purpose is to live inside your bug-out bag is a very niche/luxury item. Not everyone can afford one and even fewer people actually need one.

You probably see where I’m going with this… Almost any modern handgun will fit nicely into a bug-out bag (see my Top 5 Budget Handguns here).

Except for the fact that you DO need to remember to put it in your pack in a crisis — which takes precious time and mental bandwidth –it’s not a top priority until you’ve secured many other important preparedness items.

But if you’re anything like me… and you just love guns, especially unusual ones. Then you’ll get a big kick out of the 3 guns on this list.

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  1. Winchester Model 94 Ranger Compact .357 Magnum.

  2. GREAT CHOICES! I built a few survival kits, adding the gear and tools to a pack or bag that was already holding a firearm. For instance, I placed survival gear and supplies in the empty pouches of a Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle pack. I did the same with a backpack that held my Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle. My webgear (military vest suspenders, pistol belt & buttpack) is set up as a “stand alone” survival kit, too. I have this matched to a Rossi Circuit Judge .45 LC / .410 GA Rifle/Shotgun. Finally, I converted the range bag for a Smith & Wesson Governor into a survival kit. All of these containers are more “Get Home” than “Bug Out” Bags. But, they would serve the purpose of living outside for a few days, providing shelter, food, clean water, fire and security. I really like the versatility of the weapons that fire both .45 Long Colt and .410 Gauge for survival scenarios!

  3. Too bad the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 is not produced in a.45acp configuration that accepts 1911 magazines. Unfortunately, when contacted, Kel-Tec refuses to produce a .45acp model in the future.

    As for the AR-7, not a fan as everyone that I have seen on the range has been a Jam-O-Matic.

  4. steve, i understand that there are a bazillion 1911’s out there. however, IF you take the time to compare cartridge ballistics/size/weight, i think you will agree that the 45acp belongs in a historical display case! there is NO way anyone would consider it if it was ‘invented’ today – in the face of a .40S&W. shorter, lighter and VERY comparable down range performance, the .40S&W MUST be the choice. and, if you put the 1911 up against almost ANY of the popular 40’s, the firepower of the 1911 [shots per magazine] leaves MUCH to be desired. so, step into the 21st century and get yourself a MODERN semi- auto. hell. even the US gov’t figured that out 20 odd yrs ago. except they went to the 9mm – which was a mistake! peace, larry

  5. In my opinion the best would be whatever you’re best with at the the place you are going to bug out to. Long range deer country or short range camp site. Long gun or hand gun, what ever you can hit what you shoot at. Let’s pray we never need them.

  6. Fell in love with sub 2K years ago! Easy to store( boat, bike, SUV). Handles well esp. With 30 cap clips. Along with my Taurus 9mm , I am comfortable every where I travel.

  7. marybogdanovich

    I like extra hold hair spray. I carry it in my purse always. I sleep with it. It is legal, cheapo and highly effective. I have a special device so it can be used to shoot hairspray a long distance – far enough anyway.
    It doesn’t hurt me, it’s legal, cheap, definitely blinds people temporarily, hurts like hell. I know. I accidentally shot myself! Raced to ophthalmologist who just rinsed it out of my eye. No problem.

  8. Larry call me old fashioned but in light of the fact that any and I mean any semi auto is a jamb waiting to happen, Now dont get you hackles up hell I have 3 but when the SHTF I will grab my S&W 357 6 shooter any time or better yet every time. I know the arguments old fashioned to big to heavy ect but do some research and you will fine it has the best ballistics and stopping power of any modern hand gun bar none. and down range accuracy is much better with a 6″ barrel than a 4 or 5 most common in semi autos. Ahh yes I opened the old can of worms on which is better, beside the facts you will find you can shoot 38 cal also for target practice and plinking, They are almost impossible to jamb and a woman especially those like my wife have no trouble operating one. When it comes to the pressure of the moment they just point and pull the trigger no having to rack the slide take off the safety ect all costing precious seconds. All that being said the best gun to have is one you know how to shoot and reload smoothly and accurately.

  9. I would never consider carrying a hand gun in a bug out bag , hand gun belongs on your side for instant use. I also recommend a 9mm as your carry weapon. Why? ,because it,s a NATO round , there for easier to get more , and there light compared to 45,IE you can carry more of them. Attached to my bug out bag is a Ruger 10/22 take down , accurate ,dependable , great for small game and self defense , and you can carry a lot of extra ammo without it weighing you down. The ar-7 would be my number 2 choice ,I have two of them ,the new one by Henry is better then the old Charter Arms model . Using stinger 22 rounds cuts down a lot on the jams. What ever you all choose , you need something for self protection as you try to get to your safe place .

  10. I carry a just right carbine in 9mm. I can share the 33 rounders with my glock 26 carry pistol. One ammo and can carry quite a bit of it.


  12. Wasp spray works too!

  13. I am looking to purchase a handgun – something light weight and concealable. What would be a good pistol to purchase? I have limited funds but willing to save more if needed.

  14. I think they are trending back to the .45…they found the 9mm to be too light of a cartridge.

  15. I never hear of anyone buying guns with silencers. Guns with silencers would come in handy in a bug out situation. Does anyone know where these can be purchased?

  16. The Patriot Caller

    Lea, I’d check into the Ruger LCP or LC9. Both are extremely lightweight and concealable. The Bersa Thunder is another popular model you might want to compare.

  17. I have a Bersa Thunder but there is something wrong with it. Bought it from a friend and for some reason, it won’t fire. I need to get it in to have it checked out. Thanks for the other suggestions though. Will contemplate them in the near future especially if the Bersa has a problem that is unfixable or too expensive to fix.

  18. Rebeca, you might want to check it out but I think they are against the law.

  19. The Patriot Caller

    Silencers (aka suppressors) can be owned in several states, but they require special signatures by local law enforcement officers. You’ll have to check into your local and state laws to know whether you can legally purchase one. But yes, a silencer would come in handy in a bug-out situation, or practically any other situation in which you want to protect your hearing 😉

  20. I’ve always considered myself a “revolver person’ . When I hunt , I cary a 5” 629 and couldn’t ask for a better sidearm. However, I don’t feel it’s weight and the weight of its ammo make it “ideal” for a “BOB”..
    My EDC has evolve to a 9 mm if I am away from home. There are two and ,yes, they have larger capacity magizines. The main factor has been the fact that they are equipped with “night sights” and the better sight system of the two came with a factory laser and since has had a fiber optic sight with trinium added. When things go south there is no rule that says it will be during daylight.
    If I am far enough away from home there will be my Ranch Rifle along for the ride. It came from the factory with the new heavier tapered barrel and has a Har-Bar Stabilizer atttached. It is stainless, synthetic stocked, with a 2″ Safari Sling (can be carried “at the ready” using the sling or over the sholder) There is a Bushnell Elite 3000 series 3X9 scope with “Rainguard and Bikini scope cover. Like the night there is no guarantee that it, and I, won’t be facing precipitation.

    Take care of you- everything else will fall into place!

  21. They are leagle in 37 states. You need to pay $ 200.00 to ATF for transfer stamp and it takes about 10 to 12 months for the transfer to be approved by ATF. In doing this you are NOT giving ATF permission to come to your house 24/7 to inspect your firearms or anything else. I have personally owed machine guns and silencers for 18 years and ATF has never even called me about them. ATF can and will do unannounced inspections of gun shops, being a dealer for MGs and silencers they have inspected my shop several times in the past 14 years.

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  23. To all. Shoot what works for you and can be carried. If you like Kel-Tec sub-2000 and have a pistol to share magazines this extends the range of protection. I also use a Red Lion Precision front rail. Check the website, it allows the use optics and still folds for transport.


    i agree, shoot and carry what works for you. i was in the marines in 1972 and fired rifle expert with the m14 and latter the m16. i fell in love with the m14 rifle, it had better range, more knock down power and the rifle is very robust and can take a licking and keep on ticking. it is very accurate and you can fight with it in close quarters if you know how, and it will reach out and touch someone out to 500meters, wich is what we trained to fire at in the marines with no telescope, just peep sights and not using match grade ammo, just factory ammo. this plat form has proven itself and is still used by our special forces today.

  25. Ronald Calcagno

    Hello like the man said .40 S&W. . That would have been the way to go instead of the 9 mm . Thank you

  26. Ronald Calcagno

    Well in hearing about how .45 acp being a heavy load that doesn’t have the down range effects as compared with .40S&W. Which has been proven more effective . And noticing this said in other people’s comments . My first hand gun was a .40 caliber Glock. Shot hundreds of round the gun only jammed a maybe once in a while , when firing a couple hundred rounds thru it and then a jam quickly remedied with a slap and rack technique. But accuracy was satisfactory and about the same recoil couldn’t tell the difference . Hope this makes sense . Point being too bad the 9 mm. Instead of .40 S&W such a superior round next to the 9 mm

  27. Ronald Calcagno

    Hey don’t under estimate the .38 . I wouldn’t consider the .38 in the category of a plinking round . Another thing in owning a .357 revolver myself . I feel very confident in loading it with .38 + P self defense rounds . The. .38 was the caliber that’s probably well over a hundred years . The side arm of law enforcement . As a reliable dependable 38 revolver . Smith & Wesson Model 10. 4″ barrel . Replaced later on by the 9 mm semi autos . Which again was a mistake . This transition should have been in 40 S&W Thank you

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