Top Glassing Mistakes Hunters Make

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Not Using The Weather

Finding a herd can be difficult, so take advantage of what’s in front of you. Animals are like humans. If you think sitting in windy or hot conditions is miserable, animals most likely feel the same and will try to find covered areas.

The wind direction can tell you where game might be. Say the wind is blowing west, you’ll want to head to west facing slopes and focus your glassing on the protected side of the slope.

The sun can also help you in a few different ways. During winter season, find areas where sun hits first. Deers try to find warm areas for breakfast. While in the summer, spend more time glassing shaded areas.

Not Using The Whole Terrain

Follow the beat of your own drum. Using the same glassing spots as other hunters works, but you might be missing other key locations.

If you can, climb higher up so you can get a better vantage point of your terrain and see areas you might have missed at a lower level.

On flat land? Try exploring the areas away from the beaten path and find an undisturbed place.

Animals are smart and will start to recognize where danger is coming from if it happens often enough.

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