White-Tailed Deer: Why, When and How They Shed [VIDEO]

Funny story, we once explained the yearly antler cycle to a non-hunter and this man was totally incredulous that a deer, no matter how impressive, grows a whole new massive set of antlers each and every year. 

But if you’re an experienced hunter, you already know that bucks manage to grow a new set of antlers every single year. And once hunting season is over with, a whole new season starts to begin… shed hunting season.

This season conveniently tends to overlap Turkey season in many areas, so you’ve got multiple excuses to get out in the field. When does it begin, however, is a question that varies from location to location, year to year, and even deer to deer.

If you’ve often wondered what’s behind this strange process, you’re in luck. This fascinating video from GrowingDeerTV is crash course in everything you’ve ever wanted to know about deer antler cycles (but were afraid to ask).

For an inside look at actual antler growth, which happens incredibly fast, check out this video from Mississippi State University’s Deer Lab.

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