5 Best Eye Exercises for Shooters

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What’s the most common thing shooters say they want help with? 

We conducted a survey recently and got some very interesting feedback. The overwhelming response was one word, simply: Aiming.

It’s a bit of a tricky subject to focus on, because well… what exactly does it mean?

Pretty much everyone knows how their sight picture should look in order to “aim” at the center of a target. You line up the front and rear sights on the bullseye, right?

Where the real difficulty seems to come from is not so much “aiming” as it is “focusing.”

Most people tend to gloss over this key concept in their training, while the experts and trainers swear by it. Consider this for a moment, the point where your eyes are focused is where your attention is focused.

That’s why focus control is so incredibly important to your “aim.” Your mental focus and visual focus are very closely linked. So the more you work on this the quicker and easier it becomes.

If you are able to focus like a laser beam on your front sight, then your groups will be tighter than bark on a tree. Your shots will start to “robin hood” through the same holes.

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The point is, it’s not usually the “aim” that’s the problem, it’s the focus. And the best way to corrected the issue isn’t spraying and praying at the range, it’s to focus on your focus.

Many people don’t realize it, but we can improve our eyesight in several key ways, through eye exercises. Yes, it’s sounds a little weird at first, but it makes perfect sense. Your focus is controlled by your ciliary muscles, which you can in fact train and exert conscious control over.

In order to help you do just that, we’ve included a few focus exercises that you can do right now, sitting in front of your computer, tablet or even your smartphone.

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