10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

6. Go to a Rural Area

outage 6

Population density will be one of your biggest barriers if the electric grid goes down for good. Fortunately, even if you cannot make it to the Rocky Mountains, you can target a rural area within a few hours of your home. The key is to troubleshoot each potential area before you settle one.

For example, the farmland pictured here is in Pennsylvania. Rural spots will have fewer people, and you may be able to find uninhabited land in the rustbelt, federal lands, and other unclaimed government properties.

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The other type of rural land to take into account is national seashore areas. Few people think about these areas as a place to seek refuge, however these federally owned sea shore and parks compose some of the most isolated areas in the country. All you need is a 4X4, camping gear, and a fishing pole.

Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli

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