11 Non-lethal Self-Defense Gifts for the Prepper That Has Everything


5. Self-defense Classes

Chuck Norris

Someone that loved Chuck Norris probably  invested in a self-defense class or two when he was a boy, and the rest is history. He’s just a bad-ass, hands down. Self-defense classes that are gifted toward a special someone you know can’t go wrong in this regard, and they are great for overall body conditioning. They’re also an excellent way to learn respect, discipline and build your self-esteem while overpowering your opponent. The classes can be taught privately or in a group and generally run anywhere between $75 to $100 per one hour lesson. So…gift that special someone with a path to a skill-set that will make them a bad-ass. Chuck Norris would approve.

Image by Jason H. Smith, via Flickr

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