20 Weird (But Effective!) DIY Home Remedies [PICS]

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20. Honey Treats a Sore Tongue


Having a sore on your tongue is painful and can get in the way of your normal eating routine. Fortunately, honey is effective at treating and soothing this condition.

Applying honey to the sore spot will reduce the pain and offer relief from any infections. The best part is that you can use this DIY home remedy as many times as you would like throughout the day!

Now that you have expanded your DIY knowledge, it should be much easier to treat everything from stomach ulcers to motion sickness without needing medication or any rare items.

Keeping these cures in mind is important when you put your emergency rations together. After all, several of the foods and spices mentioned can serve multiple purposes, and you should keep this in mind while you are gathering SHTF supplies.

Photo by Vicky Brock

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