5 Biggest Mistakes Most Shooters Make

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Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.47.14 PM5. Shifting Focus

Your sights are important, so why shouldn’t you go the extra mile, double checking them when lining up your shot? This may help you get your sights over the bullseye momentarily, but then something else happens: Your eyes focus on the target, losing focus on your sights. Then your eyes want to check the rear sight, then the front.

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Switching your focus from the front sight to the target and back will tire your eyes out quickly and won’t result in shooting tighter groups. In hunting situations or tactical shooting, this problem will compound itself quickly. Your eyes won’t be trained to follow the target or the sights consistently.

Remedy: Focus on the front sight position as you shoot, not the target or rear sight.  The solution is simple, though it will require some training if you’ve developed this habit. As you shoot this way at the range, it will become more natural and your eyes will be better at lining up all three points effortlessly.

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