7 Highly Effective Self-Defense Weapons That Don’t Go BANG

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Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.38.22 PM2. Schrade Tactical Pen

What the heck is a tactical pen, you ask?

It’s basically a super-strong, weighted self-defense weapon masquerading as a pen. What are the advantages of carrying one? For starters, you can carry a tactical pen pretty much anywhere, including on a plane or other secured area where firearms aren’t allowed.

A few other advantages come in the form of accessibility and surprise. This weapon is actually a writing pen like you might carry in your shirt pocket. In a tense situation, reaching to you hip pocket, back pocket, or holster area will immediately be seen as threatening.

Reaching calmly into your shirt pocket? They may think you’re about to write them a check or an apology. And then… WHAM!

Think about it and you’ll realize how much butt you can kick with one of these pens. This particular model doubles as an emergency glass breaker, whistle, fire starter tool, and of course a writing instrument.

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