7 Highly Effective Self-Defense Weapons That Don’t Go BANG

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3.  Tactical Batoncollapsiblebaton

In countries where the police don’t carry firearms, what do they use for self -defense? Typically, the answer comes in the form of a nasty telescoping baton carried in a holster on the belt.

Are they effective? If you’ve ever seen footage of police “subduing rioters” with batons, you already know the answer.

Given the extended reach, aerodynamics, and weight, batons are extremely hard to defend against. Whether it’s a cane, billy club, or tactical baton, these weapons trump nearly any kind of knife or edged weapon, simply because a deflected blow from one of these will equate to a success (broken bones, contusions, concussions).

Again, laws vary regarding the legality of carrying a self-defense baton. Check the laws in your area to decipher the nuances or how to legal carry and use your baton.

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