7 Highly Effective Self-Defense Weapons That Don’t Go BANG

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4. Stun Gun

Star Warrior

It may look like a movie prop used in movies such as Con Air and The Last Boy Scout, but the stun gun pictured nearby is a very effective non-lethal option.

When someone gets aggressive and tries to come at you, the electric current streaming from even the medium strength devices will adjust their attitudes at the speed of light. Even if they try to grab at the weapon, it’s gonna hit them like a lightning bolt.

The primary drawback with stun guns is the fact that you must be close enough to make contact for the weapon to be effective. This is why we prefer stun weapons designed for extending your reach, like a stun baton.

Like any other tool classified as a “weapon,” stun guns are subject to a maddeningly inconsistent framework of state and local laws and prohibitions. You are highly encouraged to research the laws in your area before choosing this option.

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