7 Highly Effective Self-Defense Weapons That Don’t Go BANG

5. Tactical Flashlightkootek

The term “tactical” has certainly been thrown around so much lately that it’s lost some of its meaning. When it comes to tactical flashlights, there term isn’t pure marketing.

Most tactical flashlights are designed with self-defense in mind, i.e. striking. Many of these flashlights have raised ridges surrounding the lens. This is not purely aesthetic; it’s a striking edge designed for stabbing, twisting, and bludgeoning.

Some models (see photo to the right) are equipped with a knife blade.

These flashlights are strong and heavy enough to function as a roll of quarters in your fist, should you decide to. Additionally, tactical flashlights often have a powerful strobe light function for blinding and disorienting an assailant (making him easier to beat with your heavy flashlight) called a “flash and smash.”

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