10 Incredible Snake Videos You Can Never “Un-See”

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Guy Pokes Anaconda With a Stick, And Then…

Anaconda’s get a bad rap in the media these days. While they are capable of ingesting some pretty huge prey (including cattle), they’re not likely to mess with you unless you mess with them.

Then again, it’s not likely you’re going to come face to face with an anaconda outside of a zoo here in the US. Their habitat ranges from Venezuela south throughout most of Brazil.

But the good news for fans of crazy snake videos is that there are plenty of knuckleheads with smartphones in Brazil.

And if there’s one thing you can count on in show business, it’s when you put a dangerous water snake and an idiot with a stick and a smartphone in the same video, you get must-see footage. Enjoy!

No matter what the reason, we think you’ll agree that the follow snake videos are equal parts incredible and shocking (especially the Dead “CopperHEAD” Biting itself video on the next page)… Click NEXT to Start Watching!

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