How to Survive an Encounter With America’s Most Dangerous Creatures [STEP-BY-STEP]

1. Wild Dogs or Guard Dogs

Even though dogs are classified as man’s best friend, they actually rank forth as the deadliest creatures on earth. This is because 25,000 people die due to a dog attack every single year. So how can you defend yourself against an aggressive guard or wild dog?

If a dog appears to be preparing to attack you, it may be possible to ward him off by standing still, putting your arms down to your sides, making your hands into fists and avoiding eye contact. If possible, stand sideways to the dog and keep him in your peripheral vision.

Dogs may be distracted with treats or an alternative item to chew on. You can also stand tall and command them to “back away” if they’re still acting in an aggressive manner. Defending yourself may still become necessary, and you can do this by kicking the dog in the back of the head, nose or throat. DO NOT do this unless you’re being actively attacked.

In a worst case scenario, get into a ball on the ground and protect your throat, chest and face. Try not to scream or roll away as this will provoke the dog more.

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