Long Range Shooting 101: Top 5 Rifles and Calibers for Survivalists

The art of shooting long distances engages a different set of skills and techniques than tactical, cowboy-action, or skeet shooting. Some may say long distance shooting is golf, whereas tactical shooting is basketball.

Repetition, attention to detail, and the proper equipment can make an enormous difference when it comes to long distance accuracy. And, of course, these are just preparations you make to offset all the less-than-ideal conditions that you’ll almost certainly be dealing with in any real-world scenario.

Back to the Fundamentals

The key to performing nearly anything requiring precision under pressure is, to oversimplify a bit, practice. To be more specific, we have to fall back on an old football coach’s favorite saying. “Practice doesn’t make perfect,” he was fond of saying, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

The key here is to realize that target shooting is never really just shooting at a target; it’s also training. The level of focus, patience, and expectations you bring to shooting at paper targets will inevitably impact how well you shoot in competition, hunting, etc.

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