12 Alternative Uses for Baking Soda


We all know that baking soda keeps your refrigerator smelling fresh, and that it (combined with vinegar) is the driving force behind many a science fair volcano demonstration... But there are literally dozens of other practical applications for this hyper-useful powder beyond baking and science projects. In fact, baking soda is right up there with duct tape and WD40 when it … [Read more...]

How to Properly Siphon Gas during an Emergency

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Gas will quickly become one of the most important commodities in a SHTF crisis. Unfortunately, it will also be one of the scarcest. The gas stations that do have fuel will have unimaginably long lines, until their tanks go dry. The best way to avoid a calamity is to keep your tank over halfway full at all times. Even in this scenario, however, you may not have enough fuel to … [Read more...]

The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make (And How to Fix It)

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While you're taking some time to review your preparedness plans this season, it's crucial that you don't make the #1 prepper mistake of all-time. It's a very easy oversight to make, especially for survivalists... In fact, I think it may be a natural byproduct of the preparedness mindset. What is it? Most of us dream of a remote cabin retreat, a "safe house" of sorts, … [Read more...]

How to Put Together a Winter Emergency Car Kit


We've all heard stories about drivers that have been stranded in blizzard conditions. You may have even thought to yourself, that they shouldn't have been on the road, or that they should have been more prepared. The truth is that none of them expected to end up where they did. Disasters often don't come with advance notice, unfortunately. The solution to this, of course, … [Read more...]