5 Biggest Mistakes Most Shooters Make

Shotgun Shooting Training. Outdoor Shooting Range

Often times, when diagnosing grouping issues at the shooting range, we find ourselves in a struggle with what we think we're doing, versus what's happening on the target. Too often, we can't seem to figure out why "our gun keeps hitting low and left." Even after we've made adjustments, we're getting the wrong results. A realization that we must¬†force ourselves to accept … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Boost Your Night Vision


We can all agree that seeing in the darkness is a huge advantage under everyday circumstances. In a crisis situation, the quality of your night vision will be that much more important. Now, I wish I had 5 easy steps that would allow you to suddenly have the night vision of a cat (they require only 1/6th the light we do)... but unfortunately there are no known exercises, … [Read more...]