Top 5 Revolvers on a Budget [Under $500]

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Taurus Judge .45 LC/.410

taurus45For another complete change of pace, we give you the extremely popular Taurus Judge.

Like many judges out there in the court system, this revolver is no lightweight (1.76 pounds). The Judge also packs an interesting versatility, firing both .45 LC and .410 cartridges (5 of them). Also versatile is the number of configurations and barrel lengths offered by Taurus.

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As of this writing, there were 13 different configurations of the Judge listed for sale on the Taurus website, some with very long barrels, some with large comfy grips. Customizations will probably inflate the price tag a bit, but some upgrades may be worth the money.

With a 3-inch barrel, the Judge isn’t going to replace your shotgun. It will turn some heads at the range, however.

RETAIL: $479

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