Top 5 Turkey Guns

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Ithaca 37 Turkey Slayer


True to its name, the “Turkey Slayer” has been the choice of many avid turkey hunters since its debut in 1937. This shotgun’s claim to fame is accuracy at long distances, as well as its optional thumbhole stock.

In fact, this verbiage was pulled directly from the gun’s sales copy: You spend hours sitting and calling that first Tom on opening day and he won’t come any closer than 50 yards. Not to worry, with the Ithaca Turkey Slayer®, you can take that shot.”

Most shotguns, if you’re familiar with common choke patterns, tend to thin out greatly at 20 yards — far too thin to take out a large tough bird like a turkey reliably. The Turkey Slayer’s design boasts a barrel that’s fixed to receiver for maximum long-range accuracy. The gun’s relatively light weight, “solderless barrel system,” and bottom-eject pump action are its other distinguishing factors.  Price: $800

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