Top 5 Turkey Guns

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Winchester SXP Turkey Hunter


The SXP Turkey Hunter is more than just another field shotgun with a snazzy head-to-toe camo paintjob, but the Mossy Oak finish is very a nice touch. The Turkey Hunter features a TruGlo fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sights for making long shots (it’s also tapped for optics).

In the words of Winchester, “when you need to put a shot pattern the width of a softball into the head and neck of a big Tom, you need a shotgun that aims like a rifle.” Invector Plus chokes are designed to focus this shotgun’s power into a narrow column, which is ideal unless you prefer picking shot out of your turkey sandwich.

Designed to replace the 1300, discontinued in 2006, the SXP Turkey has a few improvements to brag about, including a chrome-plated bore and chamber and fiber optics. At an overall length of 45” this compact pump is rugged, easy to clean, and its practicality is pretty tough to argue with.  Price: $450

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