Top 5 Turkey Guns

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Ruger 10/22


For the turkey hunter who prefers a rifle at either short or long ranges (check your state’s hunting regulations to make sure rim fire weapons are allowed), the time-tested standard is the Ruger 10/22.

The primary benefit of the 22lr, as opposed to a center fire cartridge, is that it creates less damage to the bird if you hit the turkey in the breast. In theory, the slower, smaller projectile will deliver adequate lethality while leaving less of a mess. Once again, we must stress the words “in theory.”

In addition, the 10/22 comes with a 10-round magazine, giving you plenty of chances at that wily gobbler if your first shot zings wide.

Not that it should. The 10/22 is known to be a very accurate auto-loading rifle, with a maximum flat range of 125 yards — plenty long enough for turkey hunting. And yes, the receiver is tapped for scope mounts.

The nice thing about the 10/22, as opposed to the other guns on this list aside from the Savage, is that it’s a great all-around addition to your collection. If single purpose firearms aren’t your thing (or perhaps they don’t fit your budget), value firearms like the 10/22 can fill in the gaps quite well. Not to mention, 22lr ammo is very inexpensive compared to center fire ammo; a box of 333 rounds can be had for about $15 at most retailers.  Price: $250

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