Top 7: Best Guns For Seniors [GUIDE]

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Ruger LCR

lcr38splThe Ruger LCR gets high marks for shooters with low hand strength. The LCR stands for “Lightweight Compact Revolver” which would lead you to believe it fits at least a few of our criteria right off the bat. It does.

The LCR is a double action only revolver with the hammer and firing  concealed within the frame’s handle, which makes cocking the hammer unnecessary, beneficial if you have difficulty cocking a single action revolver. This feature also makes carrying and drawing an LCR easier with no hammer to get hung up on.

As for recoil, this revolver gives you plenty of options to choose your own recoil threshold. The LCR is available in a number of calibers ranging from .22lr, .22WMR, .38 special, to heavier loads like .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger, and .327 Federal.

At a weight of just under 1LB for most models, this gun is light enough for most users. Combine these features with the Ruger name and reputation and you have a very strong candidate for many senior or disabled shooters.

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