Top 7: Best Guns For Seniors [GUIDE]

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Beretta Bobcat 21 A (.25 ACP)

bobcatThe Beretta Bobcat is another compact and lightweight entry for seniors who may have difficulty racking a slide or holding a heavy handgun steady on target. Designed to serve as a lightweight pocket gun, the Bobcat naturally solves many of the issues facing seniors.

The unique tip-up barrel allows for easy loading, allowing those who may have difficulty working a slide to chamber a round in a semi-auto pistol. Being a Beretta, the sights, construction, and ergonomics are top-notch.

Obviously, the weapon is extremely small and lightweight. The Bobcat is very popular in the rimfire version, yet we recommend the .25ACP version. Some shooters report lower reliability in the .22lr version, citing jams, misfires, stovepipes, etc.

If you plan to carry this gun for self-defense, you need absolute reliability. The .25 ACP is certainly on the low end of the recoil spectrum anyway, so firing the gun is still low-impact enough for most shooters struggling with arthritis and other conditions.

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