Top 8 “Shirt Pocket Pistols”

Runner Up: Springfield Armory XD-S


The XD-S Single Stack series features two discrete offerings: the 3.3” and 4” models. Of course, if you want to make sure your weapon is as easy to carry and hide as possible, the 3.3” XD-S is the optimal choice. The overall design is very slim, and the 3.3” barrel is hard to beat.

While the XD is one of our favorite semi-autos for self-defense, the XD-S’s 6.3-inch overall length makes it a bit large for a literal “shirt pocket pistol.” If you’re a fan of the XD series and can’t pry yourself away, why not give this subcompact a whirl? As an added bonus, it’s still possible to get a good, solid grip on this model, and Springfield Armory added enough weight to reduce some of the recoil.

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