Top 8 “Shirt Pocket Pistols”

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Jimenez JA-22

If you’re familiar with compact pistols, you may already know that the Jimenez J.A. 22 is based on the ever popular Jennings J-22. In fact, it’s basically a rebranded version of the same gun.

For a little backstory, the J-22 had a good reputation with shooters and a bad one with law enforcement. The venerable J-22 became synonymous with gun crime in the LA area and became a whipping post for the authorities.

The ATF listed the gun as “extremely dangerous.” The official reason given was¬†because of an insufficient gap between the trigger bar and the sear. Bryco Arms eventually declared bankruptcy.

Enter Jimenez Arms, which purchased Bryco’s equipment as set up shop in Las Vegas, NV. Lo and behold, these guns are not know to be any more “extremely dangerous” than other firearms.

Weighing in at 13-ounces, the JA-22 measures 5 inches in overall length, and comes with two 6-round magazines. Its specs make the JA-22 a candidate for a pocket pistol. If you want a budget friendly pocket pistol that’s just adequate all around, but not great, this is it.

The JA-22 is fun to shoot (see video), though quality is lower than that of the Guardian or Seecamp. Unlike others on this list, it does come equipped with a safety. The magazine and release mechanism are a little suspect. The price is very right, however.

MSRP $139

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