Why You Really Should Lock Your Doors [VIDEO]

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9. Always Lock Your Doors

masterlockpickAfter watching the videos in this article, you can see how important it is to be diligent with your locking routine. You can bet the criminals will be routinely looking for easy targets.

In short, the fact of the matter is this. Most common criminals are looking for the “softest” targets available. Unlike in the movies, they don’t spend months, or even hours, planning and staking out their next heist.

Some do, but these are in the extreme minority…

Most simply walk up to cars parked along the street trying doors to see if they’re unlocked. Or they walk through a neighborhood looking for open garage doors. Ambitious criminals will scan the neighborhood look for homes that “appear” to be empty and try a door… See where this is going?

In other words, you can seriously beef up your security and prevent 99% of property crimes by simply locking your doors religiously, both for your vehicles and your home.  It’s a philosophy that’s based on hard evidence, not paranoia.

If a trespasser does attempt to bypass your locks, the lock will at least buy you time. Your watch dog will certainly take note.

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