#1 Best Outdoor Beer Holder for the Great Outdoors [VIDEO]


Beer and the great outdoors go together like well… beer and football? Beer and BBQ? Beer and Christmas get-togethers?

Suffice it to say, an ice cold beverage pairs nicely with lots of occasions, but only one of these presents a nearly constant hazard to your full beer-drinking enjoyment.

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When drinking outdoors, a beer drinker will often find that he’s set down his beer to do something or other and, when finished tending to that somethin’ or other, he’s lost track of that sweet, tasty beer.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And luckily there is a way to prevent this distressing situation from occurring. The man in this video has a simple readymade solution. Take a look and fear losing your beer no longer!

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