7 Ultra Resourceful Alternative Uses for Rubbing Alcohol [PICS]

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handitizer1. DIY Hand Sanitizer

It may not smell as delicious as the hand sanitizers you’ve grown accustomed to, but aside from the fragrances and moisturizers, the active sanitizing agent in most hand sanitizers is none other than… rubbing alcohol.

In a situation where clean water and hand sanitizer aren’t available, rubbing alcohol serves as a hand washing alternative.

Simply pour the rubbing alcohol into your palm as you would a store-bought hand sanitizer and rub it into your hands throughly until it evaporates. Be advised, any open cuts or sores may sting a little.

If you plan to use rubbing alcohol method regularly, it’s best to make a mixture that includes a moisturizer so your hands don’t get excessively dry, as the alcohol will strip the oils from your skin. We suggest mixing 2 parts rubbing alcohol to one part aloe vera gel.

NOTE: Your mixture needs to be at least 60% alcohol to be effective.

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