8 “Blackout” Must-Haves to Survive a Major Power Outage

Even a short-term blackout can cause major issues. For example, if the power goes out for a day or two during the hottest part of summer or the deepest, coldest part of winter, many people will be at risk of dying from exposure. Sadly, there are news stories almost every winter about elderly people who lost power and froze to death inside their home.

Of course, these problems will become much more amplified if a major blackout robs everyone of electricity for several weeks or months. Surviving all of the chaos that would accompany this type of incident will require a lot of thoughtfulness, preparedness and the proper type of gear.

Here at The Patriot Caller, we can help you with two of those three requirements; teaching you how to prepare and, in this article, showcasing the type of gear you’ll need when the lights go out for an extended period of time.

Photo by Akram

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