EU Moves to Ban Heirloom Seeds

As genetically modified crops continue to take over the world’s food supply, politicians are looking into ways to give companies like Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences every advantage (that’s what those lobbyists get paid for).

The state of European agriculture has got so Orwellian that some politicians in the EU now consider non-GMO seeds a threat to stability. In fact, they’ve adopted measures to ban all seeds that haven’t been “tested, approved and accepted.”

Well, who has the incentive to undergo a rigorous testing and regulatory process? Mother nature? I don’t think she has the financing or the legal team…

But you know who does? Monsanto, DuPont, Dow AgroSciences, and Syngenta, that’s who. Because they stand to profit through their patents.

Unapproved seeds (also known as “regular” or “heirloom” seeds), don’t have a profit motive attached. These are simply the seeds that farmers have been using for millennia… and the seeds that almost all gardeners use today. 

These seeds are no company’s intellectual property — which is exactly why these companies and their cronies in the EU parliament want to outlaw them.

How are they selling it to the public? The same way that totalitarian regimes sell any of their police state tactics… by labeling it “safety.”

Officials in the EU are calling the new seed ban a “food safety” measure. European Commissioner for Health and Consumers Tonio Borg calls the proposed laws, “Smarter rules for safer food! This is how I can best summarize the important package of measures adopted today by the [European] Commission to reform Europe’s agri-food chain.”

It’s crucial that ALL PATRIOTS, whether you are a gardener or not, keep a close eye on what’s happening in the EU. If they’re trying to pass laws like that in the EU, you can bet that sellouts in the US government will try to pass similar legislation, and soon.

From the Washington Times:

A new law proposed by the European Commission is being criticized as a massive government overreach that will ultimately damage the farming industry, and lead to the outlaw of certain types of seeds.

The European Commission has brought forth a bill to limit what’s planted to a “tested, approved and accepted” list of seeds, The Blaze reported. Concerns are the legislation will lead to less biodiversity — and more prosecution of farmers.

The Plant Reproductive Material Law is being billed by the Commission as a means of simplifying existing laws and “guiding the operation of the food chain,” The Blaze reported. But opponents argue its actual effect will be detrimental to the farming industry.

The Soil Association said the regulation would actually outlaw various types of seeds.

“This will not only affect farmers and growers in the short term by outlawing exchange of seed not currently commercially available, but in the long term will erode the diversity of species that even the large seed companies, who are driving the proposal, need to provide their future varieties,” the Soil Associated said, The Blaze reported.


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  1. Daniel Ridenour

    This is so unbelievable, I don’t even know what to say.

  2. Well ,based on this info I suppose it won’t be long until the farmers will be paying royalties to Monsanto.

  3. IT is called ABSOLUTE CONTROL!!!
    G-D help us all!

  4. Here in America, we have Organic Consumer’s Association, who has been and is still fighting these issues.
    Again, they are ‘in the trenches with their fight for us all. Any help you can offer them would be deeply appreciated by them and ultimately, all of us.

    Never underestimate the power of ONE. Our ENTIRE COUNTY and / or ENTIRE WORLD consists of ONE in ENTIRETY.

    And pray. I like what Albert Einstein said: ‘ No problem can be solved on the same level on which it was made.’

  5. Ha that means we will stock up on at least 100 different seeds before they shut them down. I will not buy from the big companies…. So we will go to Wal Mart and get them this weekend…

  6. Is this maybe just a relatively benign precursor to the future use of government approved, and of course required, safety foods like Soylent Green?

  7. Did you read the “Preemptive seed laws” yet??????


  8. What do you mean “not buy from big companies”? What do you think Wal-Mart is? Where do you think those seeds come from?

  9. WalMart is a company like all the others; they have good intentions but as they get bigger and more profitable a different goal takes over. Use you community stores and farmers markets to get your seeds! BUY LOCAL

    My website is unrelated but it’s the only one I have, Check it out (more/different to come).

  10. The only thing we need to do is stop the major companies & conglomerates from getting to much control and thus leading in the direction of Totalitarian-Socialism. There should be control and regulations, though, to prevent the world from going the other direction, but we need to act as individual systems (families, friends, neighbors) but work within the larger whole. Pipe Dream?

  11. The Weston A. Price Foundation is another good place on the side of Non-GMO’s. They also provide lists of where the closest place in your area you can buy fresh milk which has not been processed.

  12. Why don’t we demand Obama be impeached??? How bout another question.. why don’t we demand that Obama respond to a lot of accusations going around such as our seeds being regulated when it has nothing to do with the government, and they are just overreaching???

    It seems as though our government is not for the people the way it “was” set up in the beginning. I suggest a stop the lie’s campaign and spread the word to everyone. I have even made a YouTube video challenging Obama to answer to some of the accusations that are going around one being ” is our government looking to break into our homes and take our guns away without cause???'”

  13. Let me ask what is going to seem like a silly question. Do seeds have a expiration date? and is there a site I can go to that will explain how to keep your seed supply going?…as for the subject of this article, when is all this crap going to stop. The government wants full control, do they think we are just going to give them that control, I don’t know about anyone else here but I for one won’t give in that easily. I will fight with everything I have before I give up my God given rights…I am a US Navy vet, I enlisted because I love my country and was proud to be an American but I have to tell you there have been times I have not been so proud, there have been times I thought about leaving the US and moving to another country and probably would have if they weren’t as bad or worse than the US is..I think it is such a shame, what is happening in our country. Our government is an embarrassment, I hate to say that but it’s true. I shudder to think about whats next. GOD help us all…

  14. Just a note to Roberta(?) who I believe asked about expiration of seeds and how to replace them. If you buy Heirloom seeds, plant them and then take the fruits/vegs from the Heirloom plants and dry the seeds to save for the next year. That is the reason for the new laws and Monsanto’s pressing for FULL control of the seeds. THEY DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO HAVE A WAY TO GET OR HAVE SEEDS THAT THEY DO NOT PRODUCE!!! The new law states that NO ONE will be able to use seeds from any other source. Once they buy Monsanto seeds (under a contract with Monsanto) they cannot use any other seeds. There was just a judicial ruling on that and Monsanto won!!! They have a proprietary right to the seeds and will control ALL SEEDS. The new Farmers ???Act, provides that NO SEEDS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN APPROVED BY GOV’T CAN BE PLANTED ANYWHERE EVEN ON YOUR PROPERTY OR ANYWHERE ELSE. So even if you buy the Heirloom seeds now to save and have on hand, they will make it a crime to plant ANY SEEDS ANYWHERE THAT ARE NOT APPROVED BY THE GOV’T, so don’t waste your money at this point. It is too late for that now. As long as WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ALLOWED THE GOV’T (Obama) to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE” THE USA, WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET….AND IT WILL BE WORSE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. ALL THE LAWS THEY HAVE CHANGED WILL BE LIKE THE WORST COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST COUNTRY THERE EVER WAS!!!! The ONLY way we can do anything about all the changes now is to get into the streets from California to Washington DC BY THE MILLIONS AND DEMAND IT. It is now too late to just write to our reps, they just ignore it. OUR CONGRESS WHO IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SOLD US OUT AND SAT ON THEIR HANDS WHILE OBAMA DID THIS AND NOW IT IS TOO FAR GONE UNLESS THE PEOPLE GET INTO THE STREETS (COAST TO COAST) AND DEMAND IT.

  15. well, of course they will, ban them. they have to poisen all of us, and line there pockets at our expense, health, when the gov says there doing something for our ‘safety’ i feel like running, screaming , for the hills.

  16. AND , to think , we as in our goverment that we voted in, its all going to hell in ahandbasket.and I could stop it I would, GOD bless us all

  17. Walmart- all of the corn they sell fresh, frozzen are all GMO’s! I don’t buy corn from Walmart anymoer and have not in the last 2 years!

  18. They have planted seeds from the pyrimids 4000 years old sprouted! So properly stored seeds will last awhile.

  19. I’ll tell you all something, my father was a farmer and came from a very long line of farmers. Being Amish-Mennonite and my family came over here to the Americas in 1690 from Germany. They where all farmers and carpenters, my father was both. My father farmed from 1952-1972 when he saw the farming going down for the small farmers. The government was telling the farmers what they could do and what they couldn’t. My father knew that it wouldn’t be long before all the small farmers would be pushed out by the big corporate farmers. Now my father farmed the right way, no poisons and hi bread seeds, he didn’t till up the soil before the winter hit to save time in the spring before planting again. He always rotated the crops so the something wasn’t being planted in the same field every year depleting the soil of its nutrients. We had cattle so we had plenty of natural fertilizer, if you know what I mean. So let me tell you that all you people that use the word Organic as a name for the GOOD food, let me tell you that back when I was growing up on the farm in the 50’s and 60’s and early 70’s there was no such thing as Organic food, because it all was organic so why make up a name for it?! The same with our pigs and cattle and our chickens and so on. We even had ORGANIC MILK, go figure!!!!! Well what my father thought was true and now look where we are. FOOD MAKING US SICK so the big medicine cop are making big bucks from our sicknesses and the Doctors are getting rich to from us and from the medicine kick backs. So the Dr’s are actually making us even sicker and getting paid twice to do it. Ever read the side affects from these medicines? And we hear of more and more people dieing of cancer every day. People of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA stand up and defined our country from (like we said back in the 60’s) The man! You know the conspiracy theory that the so call hippie’s and the flower children was talking about, well I guess they where right !!!!!!! It just took a while for it to get so bad that big business is killing off the general public, doing away with the middle class. What is left is the poor and very rich!

  20. Amen!!!!!!!! I got mine from the The Back Yard Liberty! It is another survival site like this one. They sell the Hydroponics growing idea, where you grow from seeds that are for a lack of a better word organic and you use a growing bed of dirt of course and then you have fish in a tank under the bed with your plants in it. The water is circulated from the plant bed to the fish tank and back to the planting bed which the fish wast fertilizing the plants. You know like the cow manure on the fields? Only in a smaller place. You gotta love the old ways of doing things.

  21. Go to the Back Yard Liberty! They have real seeds that are not all these high bread seeds that are designed to grow bigger and better looking produce that are so pretty and will last a long time because of all the genetic mutations, that by the way is making us sick that also helps the Pharmaceutical CO also to get richer! Does anyone see a pattern here?

  22. God will only help us overcome this tragedy of control if we turn to him for guidance and send all old hands in Washington out on their proverbial bottoms and renew our Republic of the USA. We must spread the word to everyone we can. Everyone must vote in May primaries and Nov. General elections.

  23. Have you heard of Dr. Mercols’s website. It is the No. 1 Natural Health Website in the World. . Doctor has been right onto Monsarto and states we have to take control of our health instead of the government. His website is very well researched especially the GMO’s in our food and GMO causing most diseases. Doesn’t cost you anything to subscribe to his newsletters. Another website is which has thousands of research articles that you can have access to.

  24. These GMO/GE seeds are inferior to the heirloom seeds. There has not been a single study done that I am aware of that says they are ok for human consumption. What happens inside the human body when the GMO/GE food we eat breaks down? This food is not affected by Roundup or other pesticide. DO the people at Roundup & Dow eat the same food we do??? Another problem is that these seeds will fail and when they do, global famine in a heartbeat.

  25. Seriously! He was hired by the citizenns of this country to uphold and defend the constitution, and he swore an oath to do so. He is boldly doing his bbest to destroy the constitution. He has time and again clearly violated his oath of office. Why hasn’t he been fired – why hasn’t he been tried for treason? When he claims that people who support the constitution are a threat, doesn’t that necessarily imply that he does not support it, and that he is the enemy? Can nobody in congress see the forest through the trees? He is the 140 pound gorilla in the room. And why hasn’t he been arrested for the felony crime of fraud? The ‘birth certificate’ that he wants us to believe is real is such a rank amature fraud it literally boggles the mind. Whoever did the actual digital cut and paste work should have at least merged all layers before saving and uploading it. with all the time and resources at his disposal, that’s the best he could do?!?!?

    Sorry about the topic-drift…..

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