How To Reduce Back Pain [While Enjoying The Outdoors]

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Tabletop Stretch

What It Does: helps align the spine while releasing tension in the shoulders, back, and legs

How To Do It:

  • Find something sturdy you can place your hands on (like a tabletop, thick tree branch, fence, etc.)
  • Keep your hands on the object and step your feet back until your hips are in line with your feet
  • Keep your back flat and parallel to the ground
  • Make sure to keep your core engaged by pulling your belly button to the back of your spine. This fill protect your back from further discomfort.
  • Keep your legs straight (or with your knees slightly bent) to feel a nice stretch up and down the back sides of the legs
  • Keep your arms as straight as possible to get a good stretch down your arms, torso, and upper back
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds and come back up
  • Repeat as much as necessary
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